This Is Me

Hi I am Tracy G Coaching

Tracy is a personal growth coach with a passion for helping women evolve and expand their views and redefine the meaning of success in their lives.

As a master communicator, she combines her ability to connect, listen and articulate key next steps with her own personal journey of transition, growth and healing to help her clients find their voice again, gain a fulfilled sense of identity, and courage to communicate their true voice.

Tracy provides a safe space to dig deep and identify obstacles holding you back from leveling up. She believes if you are willing to improve your choices and grow, you will align with who you are created to be and live a fulfilled, harmonious life. 


To provide support and add value to women as they navigate their personal growth journey. To help them develop the skills to move through the uncertainty and overwhelm of the “in between”…that space where there’s a great opportunity for growth that comes right before a major life transformation.


To be a trusted space for women to take bold steps, no matter how small or swift, that leads to a positive shift for their life.


  • Growth- we embrace the opportunity to learn and improve to enrich our lives
  • Grace- we encourage joy, love, kindness, faithfulness and respect through the favor we are all granted to transform our hearts desires 
  • Gratitude-  we have an attitude of gratitude that keeps us aligned to our goals and personal development. It is the highest quality in an abundant life.

Byproducts of our values

  • Self awareness- we understand the importance of knowing ourselves truthfully  
  • Courage- we step into the unknown with faith over fear
  • Wellness – we strive for improved health, happiness and good fortune