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Tracy G Coaching - Work With Me

You have been able to only get so far on your own and now you are in a season of reexamining your life, values and the choices in front of you. You understand that working with a life coach can lead to the personal transformation and growth you are seeking. Now you are ready to take action. With compassionate curiosity, we will pursue a journey of self-inquiry to uncover and discover parts of you aligned with the highest service to yourself and others.

In Pursuit of Transformation

Who this is forā€¦.

  • Your life is progressing but lacking a sense of fulfillment
  • You are having an identity shift and not sure who you are anymore or your purposeĀ 
  • You struggle to communicate your needs and desires
  • You no longer connect with your inner voice and intuition
  • You feel unsupported in your decisions about your future
  • You have experienced a major life change like motherhood, marriage/divorce, moving, career transition or a loss that has triggered you to take action.