1:1 Personal Development Coaching

Tracy G Coaching

Let’s face it, life can get hard. Even when things look okay from the outside, we can often feel overwhelmed, out of step and tired on the inside.

As women we tend to take on the weight of the world. We’re wives, moms and leaders with many responsibilities which have us placing our own needs to the side.

We pour from a cup that’s damn near empty and we tolerate a life that’s just okay. Our identity gets blurred and we drift further from who we are truly meant to be. 

As an ambitious career woman, wife and mother of 5, I’ve gone through many life transitions that made me feel disconnected to a life without balance.

I wanted success and I was moving in that direction, however the path I was taking left me overburdened. I knew that in order for me to make changes to my life, I had to start on the inside.

My journey to self-awareness has allowed me to find my voice again, create healthy boundaries and develop success habits.

When we are brave enough to advocate for ourselves without guilt, we will step into a more fulfilled life. That’s what I want for you. 

Together we will develop you, mind-body-spirit, to be the person that lives a life you desire. We will tap into your true potential. 

I Will Help You Gain Confidence To

  • Develop achievable goals with timelines and a plan of action
  • Focus on time management so your days are more productive
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and build faith so you grow and advance
  • Establish healthy communication skills to improve the quality of your relationships
  • Practice self care so your cup runneth over

All of life’s challenges have solutions as long as you have the courage to put in the necessary work to grow into the best version of yourself. It’s time to choose you!

1:1 Personal Brand Coaching

Tracy G Coaching

We all have a personal brand whether we want one or not. This is especially true for business owners. In a world where transparency is key, being true to who you are as a person and business can be beneficial to the growth of your business and position you for success. People often purchase or refer based on how they connect with you and why you do what you do. 


If you’re a business owner who wants success, believes you have something unique to offer, and has a desire to create a business that transforms your life but these thoughts keep interfering with your progress:

  • I am ready to take my business to the next level but feel overwhelmed and unclear about my next move.
  • I am clear on the direction of my goals but can’t reach them fast enough
  • I need help staying focused and accountable to show up for myself and take the right actions
  • I find it challenging to remain optimistic when it feels like I have to do it all...

….Welcome, I’m here to be an extension of your team

Let’s brainstorm different angles to discover new ideas to market and connect with your people.

Let’s collaborate to develop success strategies that make your vision come to life.

Let’s get our creativity flowing to connect to your next ambitious goal. 

Let’s brand you from the inside, out.

I help you get clear on...

  • Defining your brand
  • Discovering your authentic voice
  • Identifying your market
  • Creating a content strategy
  • Developing the courage to just DO IT!

Goal Getter Workshops

(best for groups of 3 or more)

Goal Getter Workshop is a service designed for your team, group or class of go getters  who are looking to achieve results by setting measurable, achievable and timely goals in life or business.

When we are moving through life aimlessly without direction it becomes difficult to stay focused, in fact it can often result in overwhelm and anxiety. Having a clear goal helps us put plans into action. Whether you want to take your career to the next level, or develop healthy lifestyle habits this workshop is for you.

When We Set Goals We...

  • Gain more clarity and momentum to get us to our next big achievement
  • Establish routines that bring order and clarity to our day to day life
  • Strengthen our confidence to improve all aspects of our life
  • Develop the skill of setting intentional goals as a tool to build habits of success
  • * Take accountability for how our life unfolds

Let’s begin with the end in mind and set long term goals, then develop short term goals to carry you through and level you up.

I will meet you where you are to identify your baseline with honesty and courage so we can measure progress and align actions to your vision for your life and career.

Let’s brand you from the inside, out.

GOALS are accomplishments we want to achieve in the future.

There is no one size fits all solution to what you are experiencing in your life.

If one of the services listed doesn’t quite fit your needs but you still think you could find value in working with me as your coach, send me a message! We can customize a program that’s just right for you.     

Let's get started!

Client's Love

With Tracy's guidance and step by step approach I AM now able to reconnect with my goals. My passion and desire to want more for myself is more clear. I don't feel overwhelmed trying to do it ALL.
Juanita O.